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“Our mission is to provide the highest quality life time dental care in a professional, caring and comfortable environment. We are confident that our services and friendly staff will exceed your expectations and make you feel right at home.”

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1645 Greens Prairie Road #202 College Station, TX 77845

The surgeon was very personable and friendly. The procedure to take out my wisdom teeth went smoothly, the medicine was easy to put into food, and the follow-up was quick and easy. I don’t think I’ve ever left any kind of dental appointment with a smile on my face! The only thing I have a pet peeve about is that the assistant over shot it when she put the I.V. in my arm and now there’s a bruise there, but I’m sure she was just nervous because I was nervous about having a needle in my arm for the first time.
Cosette Dennis
Cosette D.
14:18 17 Mar 20
So I was referred here and let me tell you everything about this place is GREAT. From the environment to the employees. I came to get some of my teeth removed and didn’t have any insurance but they gave me the best discount ever since I had to pay outta pocket. They are very gentle and caring. I will be coming back soon for more work. Thank you
Lakeira Williams
Lakeira W.
05:05 11 Mar 20
Dr. Bachoura and his staff we’re great! I was so nervous and they actually made it an easy experience!!! Highly Recommend!!
Amy Van Etten
Amy Van E.
21:40 10 Mar 20
Debbie Prince
Debbie P.
20:01 04 Mar 20
I came here to get my wisdom teeth pulled and the staff was very nice. Dr. Price did the surgery and the experience, being what it was, was pleasant. They let me listen to whatever music I wanted while they put me under, which made me way less anxious. Overall, great place to get your teeth pulled. XD
Shannon Graf
Shannon G.
17:08 02 Mar 20
I would highly recommend this business when thinking about where to get your oral surgery. Personally, when I was going in to get my wisdom teeth removed I was very scared, but all workers were very nice and talked me through the whole thing. Next thing I knew I was waking up and on my way home. Again, VERY FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT!!!
bailey wimberley
bailey W.
14:29 28 Feb 20
This place is the place to go if your really nervous about your wisdom teeth, or any major oral surgery like so. The lady at the front desk Miranda, has the upmost respectful and amazing attitude when coming to help people understand the procedure. Mr. Price also was my surgeon and was amazing as well and I did not feel a thing. Thank you guys for the amazing experience.
Zachary Salazar
Zachary S.
12:20 25 Feb 20
Sydney miller
Sydney M.
20:35 21 Feb 20
Had a wonderful experience here! I had a very tight time frame for when I could get my wisdom teeth taken out and they gladly worked around my schedule. Had no trouble healing. 10/10 would recommend
Sydney Moore
Sydney M.
20:16 21 Feb 20
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed here and I could not be happier with the experience. They work with my Delta Dental insurance, and the entire cost of the surgery was covered by insurance, leaving me with very little out of pocket costs. They made a consultation appointment on the same day that I called them, and even offered to do the surgery that day as well. Considering that I had a full schedule that day, I decided to do it at a slightly later date, and they were very flexible.The surgery itself was a good experience, and the doctor and the surgical staff were knowledgeable and professional, and did much to ease my concerns.The follow up after surgery was prompt and overall I would highly recommend this place.
Sean Blakley
Sean B.
14:34 18 Feb 20
I had surgery here 2 weeks ago with Dr. Price. I’m Eva, posting under my husband’s gmail account, but it was a really positive experience. I was able to set it up to get the consultation and extraction on the same day, which worked great for me. We also looked at some early implant options because of my unique tooth impactions. The staff and Dr. Price were too kind, and made sure I had a way to get in touch with the doctor. He even stayed to accommodate my need for a later appointment for a follow up visit, so I didn’t have to miss any more work. Awesome service! The only tiny criticism I have is to switch the timing of the after care instructions (at least for adult patients) to being discussed prior to the procedure. I was to discombobulated to remember the details and my husband missed some of the finer points. But it was still a wonderful experience if oral surgery can ever be wonderful. Thanks guys!
AJ Stramaski
08:29 12 Feb 20
Never had i had Physicians and Staff with the degree of deepest compassion for me. I had urgent surgery with 3 teeth extracted. After experiencing excruciating pain for 2 weeks prior to being referred here, Dr. Price insisted I not go home in that condition. I will always be grateful. This type of dignity and care is not found so easily these days. I highly recommend a person look no further than College Station Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
Darlene Kindred Knebel Sugg
Darlene Kindred Knebel S.
01:37 05 Feb 20
They were amazing! They scheduled my surgery as soon as possible. Price was reasonable and they were really nice!사랑니 치료 가격도 다른 곳에 비해서 보험 적용하면 좋은 가격이었고 의사 간호사 분들 모두 친절했습니다
Yun Seo
Yun S.
17:09 29 Jan 20
I was very impressed with the professionalism from the staff and Dr.Bachoura. I left an email during the night asking if I could get an appointment for a tooth extraction because I was experiencing terrible pain. I was not a patient there with no referral. (I did have a referral appointment made for Feb.5th with another oral surgery office. I did send them an email as well stating I could not wait for my scheduled Feb.5th appt. for I was experiencing terrible pain. I did get a call back from them as I was on my way to CS, I live 70 miles away. They had nothing available that day.) College Station Oral called first thing and told me to come in asap. I was able to pre register on line, explaining I was currently on pain management medicine recovering from back surgery. Dr.Bachoura went over all my current meds which was impressive as well. The entire experience was great, from the fast response of the email, working me in without being a patient and keeping me calm by explaining the steps of the procedure. I definitely recommend College Station Oral and Maxillofacial!
Judy Robinson
Judy R.
15:43 29 Jan 20
Great place! Great people! Great experience!
Emma Ramos
Emma R.
16:43 23 Jan 20
They were amazing! They got me an appointment the same day I called, quickly determine the problem, and I was scheduled for surgery for the next day. I highly recommend them!
Ashley Rice
Ashley R.
15:36 23 Jan 20
Nice staff. Quick and easy surgery!
Kellie Ihlenfeldt
Kellie I.
20:36 22 Jan 20
I had so much difficulty finding an in network surgeon for my girls. CS O&M helped with insurance and verifying charges. The staff is amazingly kind and helpful! Both Dr. Michael & Dr. Price were so kind to my girls and me and made us all feel at ease about the procedures. I can not thank everyone at the CS O&M enough for making our experience SUPERB!!!
Summer Marek
Summer M.
18:49 21 Jan 20
Valerie is helpful and understanding with Insurance questions. I have seen 3 different oral surgeons there and all three were very nice, concerned and understanding. They are always available to answer a question, even after hours!
Valerie Villalpando Flores
Valerie Villalpando F.
17:51 21 Jan 20
I was having pain from my wisdom tooth coming in and went in to get a consultation and they were able to get me in the same day! It’s been exactly one week and I’m almost completely back to normal. The staff is extremely friendly and they answered all of my stupid questions with no hesitations!! I definitely recommend using them for any of your oral surgery needs!
Alisha hayes
Alisha H.
14:30 21 Jan 20
Dr. Alex Bachoura and his staff were great! He made me feel very comfortable. They worked with my difficult schedule and was able to fit me in on short notice. My recovery time was just a couple of days, and I had very little pain. I highly recommend him to anyone needing wisdom teeth removal.
Anastasia Dillavou
Anastasia D.
03:26 17 Jan 20
I had Dr. Price as my surgeon he did an excellent job pulling my teeth, was very informative and polite. I'd recommend him for anyone.
Madison Goode
Madison G.
17:13 15 Jan 20
Great experience! I got four wisdom teeth extracted here. Dr.B and other staffs here are all friendly and professional.我在这里拔了四颗智齿,体验不错~手术以后按照医生建议(会给你发一张注意事项)好好休息吃药注意忌口,基本没有很痛苦(实际上第二天就一点都不痛了)。医生和员工都挺友善。
Xinyuan Chen
Xinyuan C.
15:32 14 Jan 20
jeremy stevens
jeremy S.
02:21 11 Jan 20
Fantastic experience. I called at 8:30AM with wisdom tooth pain and they got me in same day at 10:00AM for a consultation and were also able to schedule my surgery same day! All 4 wisdom teeth were out by 1:30PM! Everything same day! Only took 40 minutes to remove all 4 wisdom teeth! Also very reasonably priced. Much cheaper than other options in the area. I would highly recommend this place! Dr. Bachoura was great and the entire staff was extremely nice!!!
Will Bowling
Will B.
03:40 08 Jan 20
Great staff all around. Had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and it was a perfect, quick procedure. They also gave my family a discount since we did pay out of pocket.
Mario Monsivais
Mario M.
18:21 06 Jan 20
Awesome experience. Every doctor I met was friendly, professional, and made me feel taken care of. I have had some bad experiences with post-surgical pain management. Dr. Michael made my comfort and healing process a priority. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They checked on me every time I came in and made me feel very cared for. Everyone seemed genuinely invested in my wellbeing. Would definitely use their services again and recommend to others as well.
Meghan Snell
Meghan S.
16:03 02 Jan 20
I went to both locations in Cypress and College Station the experience was quick and easy. The people are very friendly, willing to work with your needs. Dr. Alex Bachoura, great person to deal with, made me feel really comfortable before and after the procedure. I definitely recommend both locations.
Esmeralda Maldonado
Esmeralda M.
21:37 30 Dec 19
This business and its staff are top notch in my opinion. Very easy to deal with, they took the time to explain everything to me, and dealt with my insurance in a timely manner. A+
Ethan Turner
Ethan T.
23:32 23 Dec 19
Dr. Price and the rest of his team at College Station Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery are amazing!! They have addressed and fixed any issues I have had and have always provided me with very short wait times, exceedingly friendly and professional manners, & high level medical care! I highly recommend Dr. Price and this office to anyone who may require their services. Thank you Dr. Price, nursing staff, and reception team for your hard work and hospitality!!
Josh Jenkins
Josh J.
21:38 18 Dec 19
Jennifer Elsner
Jennifer E.
19:12 18 Dec 19
Dr. Bachoura has been seeing me for a painful/stressful gum issue I had been dealing with. I cannot express through words how amazing and incredible he and the whole team here is. I was sent to Dr. Bachoura after a bad experience at an alternative practice and was, put politely, extremely irritated but as soon as I was sent here my faith in customer service and dental care was back in full and my issue was resolved. Thank you to all of the great staff here at this amazing clinic! <3
Megan Le
Megan L.
05:00 18 Dec 19
LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! Had wisdom tooth pain came in and they were able to take them out the same day! It was such a great experience. Their prices are VERY reasonable and unbeatable. They did great when I began feeling pain a few days after and again got me into an appointment the same day. One week after the extraction and I am pain free. Definitely recommend this place to anyone!
alleea king
alleea K.
16:51 17 Dec 19
Awesome staff! Dr Bachoura explained what he was going to do, what to expect after surgery, and what my options were. I highly recommend College Station Oral Surgery!
Mark Meyer
Mark M.
16:12 17 Dec 19
Natalie Monsivais
Natalie M.
17:06 16 Dec 19
I was in so much pain with wisdom teeth that should have been removed long ago!! Dr. Michael and his staff were so kind and caring during my pain. The actual surgery was painless and quick, like super quick. Hopefully I don’t have to come back anytime soon but I will definitely be using them in the future.
Danielle Cagle
Danielle C.
16:24 12 Dec 19
Called for an emergency wisdom tooth removal, they had me scheduled in the same day, and I had my surgery within the following days. The ladies at the front desk were very helpful and nice, aswell as the entire staff. The procedure itself was fast and there was no pain afterwards. Thank you to the dentist who took care of me (sorry I forgot your name). I’d highly recommend this place to anyone who needs dental work done! :)
BLK. Rose
03:57 12 Dec 19
I had 3 wisdom teeth that needed to be removed, they got me in promptly and had surgery the following day to remove them. The nurse, doctor Alex Bachoura, and the lady that monitored me during surgery were so nice. I suffer from really bad anxiety and due to sedation I couldn’t take my daily medication. The staff were so nice and understanding of that and did everything they could to keep me calm during the entire process. Seriously 10/10. I’m still recovering due to the surgery being today but I trust that I’m going to heal perfectly because Dr. Bachoura really does know what he’s doing and what he’s talking about. The office is clean, up to date on technology, and the ladies at the front desk were super nice.
Sasha Kitto
Sasha K.
21:10 10 Dec 19
I had 3 wisdom teeth that needed to be removed, they got me in promptly and had surgery the following day to remove them. The nurse, doctor Alex Bachoura, and the lady that monitored me during surgery were so nice. I suffer from really bad anxiety and due to sedation I couldn’t take my daily medication. The staff were so nice and understanding of that and did everything they could to keep me calm during the entire process. Seriously 10/10. I’m still recovering due to the surgery being today but I trust that I’m going to heal perfectly because Dr. Bachoura really does know what he’s doing and what he’s talking about. The office is clean, up to date on technology, and the ladies at the front desk were super nice.
Sasha Kitto
Sasha K.
21:09 10 Dec 19
Everyone was very friendly!
Emily Toomey
Emily T.
15:57 10 Dec 19
I had to have sinus lift. Dr. Brachoure did my surgery. They made me feel safe and comfortable. Defentely will come back for next time.Jennifer
Jennifer E.
Jennifer E.
07:07 09 Dec 19
I had all four my wisdom teeth pulled out. Dr. Andrew so nice and helpful and he made to surgery look so easy. The staff was so nice and helpful I enjoyed my visit.
Crystal Gooden
Crystal G.
18:59 07 Dec 19
I was nervous but the staff is very friendly and will answer any question. My procedure took no time and was pretty much painless a little discomfort but that was to be expected. But really no pain I was surprised. I would definitely recommend this doctor to anyone.
23:49 22 Nov 19
This place is AWESOME!!! The staff is so nice and helpful and made getting my wisdom teeth out not as bad as I was thinking it would be! I highly recommend them!:)
Aubrey Federiksen
Aubrey F.
23:39 21 Nov 19
Had my wisdom teeth removed same day as my consultation. From the time I walked through the door I felt welcomed. Every staff member was so reassuring and kind. Dr. Michael was so informative on what I needed done and even called later that evening to make sure I was doing ok. By far one of the best Dental experiences I have had. I would highly recommend this office. The staff and service are amazing!!
22:43 21 Nov 19
From a scale from 1 to 10 my overall experience with this office was a perfect 10. I would recommend my friends and family to enjoy the kindness and professionalism of care that was provided thanks again!
John Dabera
John D.
21:40 21 Nov 19
I just had my wisdom teeth removed and these guys were great! They gave me a consultation, knocked me out, knocked my teeth out, and woke me up all in a few hours. If I ever needed to have my wisdoms removed again, I would absolutely come back!
morgan nasser
morgan N.
23:45 19 Nov 19
My surgeon had incredible bedside manner and presence, and he was very communicative about the process. From the receptionist on the phone when I scheduled the appointment to the techs assisting me before and after surgery, everyone was so pleasant to be around and professional and helpful. Highly, highly recommend.
Codie Elisabeth Cacy
Codie Elisabeth C.
03:31 14 Nov 19
Had a wonderful experience with the staff and Dr.Bachoura when removing my wisdom teeth. He was patient and all my questions! They are also reasonably priced and work with your schedule. Highly recommend!
Samantha Miller
Samantha M.
23:34 12 Nov 19
Had a fantastic experience for my wisdom teeth extraction. Super friendly and exceptionally nice crew! Dr Price even called the day before the procedure to check in with me, which typically never happens. I completely recommend their office to anyone!
Kristina taylor
Kristina T.
17:30 10 Nov 19
My husband had to have two wisdom teeth removed and Dr. Price was the surgeon. He asked me to write a review since he does not know how. Husband comments:...
Janet C.
Janet C.
18:11 09 Nov 19
It's a very comforting place, I had a wisdom tooth removed and was nervous, but the team there really know how to you like family and got me treated with care. Definitely going back if another tooth problem arises.
PsYcHoTiK L.
22:25 30 Oct 19
It was my first visit to this company. I am so excited of the treatment they did with my tooth. It was absolutely fantastic, because I have not felt...
Valeri P.
Valeri P.
13:07 24 Oct 19
Fast easy and painless good nurses and doctors that really know how to treat a patient
Rusty Dazey
Rusty D.
21:20 01 Oct 19
I had my wisdom teeth removed with Dr.Michael he was super nice and explained everything to me very well and answered all my questions I had about the surgery. I would definitely recommend him he’s the best!! He called and checked on me afterwards to make sure I was doing fine. His office made me feel right at home.
Kaitlyn Nicole
Kaitlyn N.
04:45 28 Sep 19
I previously went to Dr. Michael to remove all 4 wisdom teeth. Left with no issues or complications and felt back to normal after a couple of days. Highly...
Danny G.
Danny G.
19:54 25 Sep 19
I had a wonderful experience here while having my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Bachoura and everyone that works there is so very nice and helpful. The waiting time there has not been long. I would definitely recommend this place!
Holly Harrison
Holly H.
19:10 24 Sep 19
New location, fast with scheduling appointments. Go see Dr.Price, he'll make sure you're taken care of.
G Cao
G C.
20:54 18 Sep 19
I wanted to commend Dr. Bachoura and his staff for the excellent work they did. I had an infected molar and wisdom tooth that needed to come out right away. They walked me through all aspects of what was going on with my problem teeth and what should be done. Not only was the price right; the professional and respectful attitude shown was fantastic! The surgery took a short time and I was on my way to a quick recovery! I recommend everyone to College Station Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Thanks again y'all!
Henry Kahil
Henry K.
16:19 17 Sep 19
Got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out without any pain. They made me feel comfortable and great tips for aftercare. Amazing staff!!
20:35 12 Sep 19
I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Michael. From the moment I arrived at the office I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Michael and his team exceed my expectations with the professionalism and compassion I received. I was informed of all pre op/ post op care during my consultation. I went into the surgery with complete confidence in Dr. Michael and his team. They even have an office in Cypress, Katy and Summerwood for your convenience!!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Michael to all my family and friends!!
Sophia Dworniczak
Sophia D.
18:21 19 Aug 19

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